Difference Between Soft and Steel Tips Dart

Soft Tips Dart Picture

Soft tips dart differ from steel tip darts in a few ways. First being the obvious, the point of the dart is plastic rather than steel. More important though, soft tip dart games play by different rules than steel tip in most cases. Examples are:
- The throw line is a different measurement from the board
- Points are calculated differently
- The targets on the dartboard are larger than a steel tip dartboard

In soft tips dart the dartboard is usually electronic and keeps score for the players. Another difference from steel tip, in soft tip as long as the dartboard registers your shot, your dart can fall out or never even have stuck and still count towards your shot. In steel tip the point of the dart must be touching the board in order to count.

The electronic dart board is definitely a hit, especially for home users as they are safer than the old style darts thanks to the soft tip darts used in the game. The soft tips are made from plastic so as not to damage the dartboard, and consequently won't damage your walls so much either. Also the maximum weight allowed is set at 20grams, which is one of the reasons the old style darters are against the new electronic game, as they prefer the heavier steel tip darts that can be used on the bristle boards. However being made of plastic has its disadvantages too, as the tips can bend or break when in use so you will need plenty of spares for them as well. Fortunately they are very cheap and easily replaced as they screw into the barrel so can be unscrewed and replaced in seconds using a dart tool.